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About Us

Our Mission

Transforming client businesses into smart digital enterprises. 

Key expertise areas:

- Digital Transformation of the Enterprise, IoT, Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Mining and Big Data
- Predictive/Prescriptive Analytics and Deep Learning using RNNs and CNNs, time series analysis
- Automated news analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Neural Networks, NLP, NLU, recommender systems
- Yield management, automating cross-selling and upselling opportunities and streamlining/digitizing marketing/sales processes via Predictive/Prescriptive Analytics
- Design/implement/deploy Cloud Strategy, Cloud Migration, Cloud Architecture (AWS, Azure)

- Data Strategy, Governance, Compliance and Risk Management

Our Goals

Enterprises today are struggling to make the transition to the digital era. They need to adapt to changing business models while moving applications, data, and processes to the Cloud and keeping them secure. They also need to have a realistic understanding of the potential advantages that the Cloud and Artificial Intelligence can bring to their business short, medium, and long term and create plans to prepare for it.
Realizing these goals requires a deep understanding of each and everyone of those areas to ensure a successful transformation to a fully digital enterprise. We have been lucky and curious enough to have acquired significant experience in all those areas both at the corporate and technical levels, in a variety of industries, from Fortune 20 to start ups, in the private and public sectors, in the US and internationally. This gives us a unique perspective into what is possible to achieve now and dream about for the future without ever losing sight of your business. 

Our Committment

We are passionate and committed to help our clients transform their businesses into successful smart digital enterprises. With over 50 years of combined experience in Corporate Leadership and Governance, Business Transformation, Digital Marketing and Sales, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Data Science, Enterprise Architecture, Data Architecture, IT Strategy, Management and Technical Consulting,  we stand ready to help you with your smart digital transformation challenges. 


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